Hockey and gambling

Hockey enjoys a rich history as a game. A game of sticks tucking around balls can be found in many cultures like Egypt, Ireland, Ancient Greece, Mongolia, India etc.

Hockey is a game of sticks. Two teams, try to maneuver a small ball into their opponent’s goal with a hockey stick. Hockey is such a rich game that it has many variations. Field hockey and Ice hockey may be the most common forms.

Types of Hockey games


Bandy is like Ice Hockey played on a football-sized ground. The rules of Bandy are very similar to that of soccer. It is the national sport in Russia. It also has an international governing body called the Federation of International Bandy

Field hockey

Field hockey is a popular sport in many parts of the world in Asia, Europe, South Africa and Austrailia. The International Hockey Federation governs the games. It receives worldwide coverage in Summer Olympic Games and Hockey World Cup.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is majorly played in countries like Canada, Latvia, Finland, and Slovakia. It is played on an ice rink in a manner similar to field hockey by both men and women. It has been included in the Winter Olympics from 1924.

Roller hockey

Roller Hockey is played on rollers and is different from other types of hockey mainly in the number of players. There are two types of roller hockey- inline roller hockey and quad roller hockey. Both the forms have been adopted in more than 60 countries of the world.

Ice sledge hockey

Ice sledge hockey is similar in its rules to ice hockey. However, it has been designed for people with lower limb disabilities. Players sit on sledges and use two sticks to navigate themselves as well as hit the puck.

Hockey and gambling

Hockey is another major sport that involves gambling. It may be banned in some countries but overall, hockey Judi online is very popular. Since hockey is played in so many forms, it has some or the other major following in most countries of the world. In countries like Pakistan and India, it is considered as a national sport.

Hockey forms a major market for online gambling websites. It is covered on all major gambling websites with various types of betting games. It also serves as a major revenue for bookmakers and judi online.

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